About Me

I am Jean Thierry, and represents T&T AppConcept.

T&T AppConcept is a company of my own that has been put to place for professional purposes. Its goals are to build solutions through IT and educate people about programming.

My journey with programming is from long time ago as I wanted to learn how to code since my teenage, and I'm happy that I reached a point which allows me to transmit this knowledge in programming.

Personally, I consider having integrity and working hard in life, generally, and in professional environment, particularly, as crucial to achieving goals and delivering results.
"Integrity and Hard Working" are T&T AppConcept's core values, with motto being "What You Imagine, We Conceive It" .

You are all welcomed to turn your issue into solution.
You can find email as contact on this website for any information.

Eager to meet you soon.

What I Do

Build IT Solutions

Discuss the issue with the client.

Find the suitable solution.

Explore Tools to use.

Build the application(solution).

Educate About IT

Explain the logic.

Teach use of tools.

Conceive a project.

Build an application(solution).



(+257) 61 059 053